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Spring Clean Your Content Strategy


A couple of weeks ago, Netflix’s The Home Edit emerged with its second season. Have you heard of this show? Basically, it is two women who go around the country cleaning up homes and garages of the ultra-rich and a lucky few regular folk. The series takes us through the signature systematic way that Clea, Joanna, and their insanely logical team approach any organizational challenge. Apparently, helping other people get organized is like a champagne high to the women who run this year-round “spring cleaning on steroids” service.

When it comes to getting organized, whether you are tackling your garage or your office, weeding out old clothes and tossing books, magazines, and papers you no longer need requires a thoughtful, curated approach. Without the upkeep, you would be swimming in a mountain of useless junk and feel overwhelmed any time you needed anything specific or important. Kind of like how you may feel about your content library, after two plus years of pivoting.

If springtime (or The Home Edit) has you thinking about getting your content organized, may we suggest an Earth-Day inspired approach?


Approaching a content overload and unable to decipher what is working and what isn’t? Maybe it is time to do an edit. No, not the grammatical kind, but the paring down of owned items – in this case – taking stock of what is in your content library and editing out the pieces that no longer serve your audience – whether it is outdated information or just not part of your event communications strategy.


It’s OK to reuse content. In fact, there is no sense in reinventing the wheel when you have content pieces that consistently perform well. Take a look at the analytics – if month after month, or year after year, the same piece of content gets views and/or conversions, KEEP IT. Freshen up any SEO behind it to reflect the times if possible, but don’t take it down if it still resonates with your audience or draws new people in.


Do you have eBooks or White papers from a few years ago? Rather than investing in a new series, why not give them a graphics refresh and updated stats or quotes to push them to your since-acquired audience? Or, segment out the content into more “snackable” pieces and release via an email series to increase engagement.

If the thought of cleaning up your content library is as appealing as cleaning out your garage, or you want to talk about how great The Home Edit is, get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you!

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